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Top Five Highlights

2019-2020 School Year

Our school year had to end way too soon! This was an absolutely incredible year! Each day was filled with laughter, learning, conversation, nurturing, and friendship! Every single day was a blessing! We thank God for His love and guidance. he continues to provide for our every need!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your continued interest and support of Five Little Stones. May God Bless you and keep you safe during these uncertain times in our world.

Number 1

We know God is directing our mission at Five Little Stones. Our school building and school days were filled with God's peace. Five Little Stones continues to provide a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for everyone involved!

Probability, fractions, area, and writing complete sentences. SL

Identify colors, trace lines, and ride a horse at LoveWay.


Say some new words, read family and friends' names.

Number 2

Five Little Stones is thankful for the continued support we received this past school year from our parents and surrounding communities. Our school parents are SO awesome!! They are very committed to the success of their child's education. This commitment is expressed through their involvement in everything from attending parent meetings, helping with fundraisers, working together to help with their child's achievements, and caring about everyone at Five Little Stones.

The surrounding communities went above and beyond, to support our mission, by attending and contributing to our different fundraisers! THANK YOU!!!

Number 3

Five Little Stones received a HUGE gift, a 15 passenger van, from Marlin and Helen Yoder. This was very exciting!! Now, when we take the children on an outing we can all ride together. Riding together makes field trips more fun! The van also serves as our "school bus" taking children home in the afternoon.

To tie my shoes and button my pants and shirt.

Answer questions given 3 choices and to sign "please."

To write checks and balance a checkbook.


This year I learned
This year I learned
This year I learned
This year I learned
This year I learned
This year I learned

Number 4

Our fundraisers are essential to the continued success of Five Little Stones. Thankfully, we were blessed with 4 rewarding fundraisers before COVID-19 arrived.

  1. In September, the communities greatly supported FLS by attending our Hilty Chicken BBQ supper at the Millersburg Fire Station. We served over 800 people.

  2. Erma Schmucker offered to have a Pampered Chef fundraiser for FLS. Thank you, Erma!

  3. LeAnn Raber offered to have a Lemongrass Spa fundraiser for FLS. Thank you, LeAnn!

  4. Our most fun fundraiser was "The Shoe Drive." Shoes were donated by the truckload!! The children sorted and bagged 2900 pairs of shoes!! Many families in developing countries benefit from receiving these shoes.

Number 5

It was a blessing to have three full-time teachers. This allowed us to have smaller groups during our goal work time. Smaller groups meant more time could be devoted to each child! My goodness did they ever learn a lot!!!

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