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Family Testimonials


"My son is getting a better education than he has in years. The teachers truly care for the children and they want the best for my child. I believe that if my child was still in the public school system, he would be nonverbal. Thank you so much for being a part of his life."


"Our son had these teachers at another school, and we liked the way they handled special needs children. This is why we chose Five Little Stones."

"The teachers set meaningful and challenging goals to help each child succeed to the best of their ability. When public schools were not a good fit for our child, this school was answered prayer."


"We chose to send our son to Five Little Stones because he gets along with the teachers very well. They are so patient, kind, and loving. My son needed very patient, kind, and loving teachers, and they have a way of handling him that no other teacher could. He has learned a lot in the 2 years he's gone to Five Little Stones. He listens a lot better at home, too. Thanks so much for starting this school! I think it was 'God Sent'."


“Thank you for being so good and so patient with our daughter.  Thank you for all the support.  Thank you for the heart you put into the education of our daughter.  As parents, we try and give our daughter the best of everything we can at home.  We rest easy because we know our daughter will get the best of everything at school.  Thanks to wonderful teachers.”


“I will try to put into words why we chose Five Little Stones for our child.  For one thing, it’s a smaller “classroom” with lots of one-on-one the whole day.  These are also 2 of the best teachers you can find.  They have lots of experience and we are privileged to have this option.  If your child isn’t doing well where he or she is, give Five Little Stones a try.”

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