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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages of children attend Five Little Stones? 

Children can begin attending Five Little Stones at age 5. Currently, the children range in age from 6-20.


Where is Five Little Stones located? 

Our address is 110 Washington St., Millersburg, IN. We are across the street from Interra Credit Union.

How many students attend Five Little Stones? 

Currently, there are 7 children attending Five Little Stones. There could be as many as 8-9 children depending on the needs of the children.


How do the children travel to Five Little Stones? 

The teachers pick up the children in the morning and take them home in the afternoon.  Parents have the option of transporting their children to and from the learning center. 

Is Five Little Stones a special needs learning center? 

Yes, Five Little Stones serves children with a variety of special needs, both physical and cognitive. 

What kinds of learning materials are used to teach academic goals? 

The material used depends on the child’s academic goals. We use workbooks and worksheets for some of the children. Many of our children need daily repetition to learn certain skills. We, ourselves, create the materials needed for those tasks.

What is the length of our day? 

8 am-2 pm, Monday-Friday. The children attend for 180 days. Our academic year is very similar to the public school.

Do the children receive separate therapy at Five Little Stones? 

Outside therapy services are not part of our curriculum. However, having a small number of children allows us to work daily on speech, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

Are the teachers Amish? 

The current staff consists of 2 licensed teachers who are English.

Why would a family choose Five Little Stones? 

Please refer to the parent testimonials to learn more.

If you have additional questions, please reach out any time

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